What to do with my Cat?


Recently, when I look at my cat standing or walking around in space, I can’t help but think about what else can I do with him. My mind can’t stop asking “What else can I do with my cat??”

Since I am still in the ‘new grad job hunting market’, I’m mostly at home lately and I can spent a whole lot more time with Simon. We are doing plenty of things together already, but I don’t feel it’s enough. To me, my cay still looks under-stimulated  half of the time, but why? …

1201ap1 Here is what me and my boyfriend do with our cat generally:

  • run together around house
  • play with  his “temple” (the tall cat scratcher) with a canvas rug that looks like a snake
  • put treat in fun places for him to get
  • invite him to sit together
  • invite him to be petted or rubbed
  • I join his nap
  • brush hair
  • squeeze his thigh when he passes
  • speak to him when our eyes meet
  • kiss his head (60+ times/ day) (my favourite)
  • blow air on his soft belly
  • give him fresher water, invite him to drink
  • train him to stop eating my plants
  • train him to be a hunter (hunt insects, flies that got inside)
  • baby him
  • coo him to sleep
  • wake him up, to join us in afternoon activities
  • look outside the window together onto the street (me only)
  • give food I’m eating for him to sniff

roll roll roll our dust

♩♩♫  ♪

Today, I googled this issue and found the first result: 101 Thing to Do With Your Cat Me and Simon did/is doing at least 45 of these recommendations already.. Except the ones about “take your kitty to travel” or “throw X party and costumes” etc. and I disagree with some of them in principle anyway, but what to you think?

I want to keep him feeling meaningful about his cat life, not bored. Maybe he is NOT BORED! Okay, but I still hoping to do more with my cat. What else can I do with Simon at home? Can you tell me?


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