Somewhere to Stay with Simon


A pic of him as usual. Back at Walulu’s apartment in Toronto

So a few months after my initial blog post about job & soul searching, I’ve found work in an University art centre, a very nice one. I have done this term position that lasted a short 5 months and currently IS BACK TO THE JOB HUNT AGAIN. (I can shout this msg to employers via a voice amplifier all day if that could saves my time on writing individual cover letters – _- lll)

Of course Simon is with me at my parent’s home in suburban Montreal. Lodging back home at your parent’s is not easy just by yourself, let alone bringing your pet with you. My dad complains about the hairs, and my mom is the mediator—both between dad and me and the cat and me. Everyday is stressful, especially since Simon started pee pee down in the basement whenever we are not looking.

It was found out when he peed in front of my dad’s Buddhist altar, right on the piece of carpet where he does morning prayers. Oh la la.

3 days in a row.

After I cried so much while cleaning the carpet..


I can tell that Simon is under a lot of stress. A new home, many people around (4) and lack of dedicated space for himself. Even though we love him too much, I bet he is bombarded with attention and conflicting messages.

I tried many solutions, in the end, I asked my guy to order a SENTRY Calming Collar online to see if it can stop Simon’s anxious pee pee on the basement carpet. I put the collar on him today, after he came back from the garden.   1505hp02hp02hp02

Anything that I had noticed so far? He hissed at me for the first time when I tried to touch his mud stained foot. That was unusual, okay… I just have to keep observing. Will keep this blog updated ;]


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