Any pet collar that doesn’t get caught in the jaw?

My last blog post was a desperate story. I got the feliway calming clollar that I mentioned and intented to report to you on how it worked out on my cat. I’d say it was a major failure because the fermone made no difference to his mood to begin with, then on the 4th day the rubber-textured collar got caught in his jaw.. BIG TIME!

One morning my dad woke me up at 6:45AM and we both tried really hard to unbucle the feliwat collar to get it off Simon’s jaw. It was impossible because Simon struggles so much and fights whoever that touch his jaw. I bet it hurts when we try to pull the collar off. Even if the collar is supposed to be a breakaway design, the rubber material makes it impossible to come off when stretched. With me × dad × cat in panic mode, I ran for a pair of scissors in the kitchen and cut the collar off. That was the end of the SENTRY feliway collar. 

Normally, Simon cat never wears a collar at home. 

I used to be attracted to the idea of getting my cat to wear the cutest collar on earth, but after actually buying few collars, including: one made of organic soy-based fabric, another from the local dollarstore etc.. At home, we are still more found of his natural look rather than with a collar. However, when simon is independent enough for going outdoors in his own terms, I will need to find him a cool collar to carry a tag. (I am fantasizing for a manly one with reflectors to balance out his girly look & have good night visibility for us humans 😉)

Music to suggest: Daniel Schmidt – In My Arms, Many Flowers (a LP)


An unstable new grad, a cat owner

0-cus-d2-786315551f4a99696f94d2563a785726I have been working in various part-time jobs since I was 14 years old. How come it feels like it’s harder to get hired now that I graduated from a Master’s degree? The whole career and job hunt business is getting mysterious.

I mentioned on my last blog post that I’m currently not working, therefore I get to spend a lot of time at home with my kitty catty Simon. But the anxiety of job searching is catching up to me. At first, I gave myself a time frame of at least 6 months after graduating to slowly…slowly… find full-time work that I like to do. So, the first thing I did after graduating this April was to travel in Asia with my boyfriend.

After coming back from the trip in August, I proceeded to relax at home. Do things that enrich life like : see friends again, pick up a new interest, make things (I am going to share the 30″ cat scratching post I made in my future post!), exercise as a couple, gain weight, make exciting food etc. But the anxiety is catching up to me. Winter is coming, and I cannot enjoy anything.

When I do’t send out another 2 resumes or cover letters every weekday, my anxiety accumulate because I felt that I could not fulfill an invisible quota, which I NEED in order to live my daily carefree and enjoy my time. I am working towards easing the dread of running after the status of a young professional.


music to listen: Erik Satie: Gymnopedie 1,2,3 Gnossienne 1,2,3,4